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All applicants must be 60+ and capable of living independently.


Applications are made by appointment only, on-site.  Applicants must apply in-person; applications can not be made on behalf of friends or family.

Because the ability to live independently is a key requirement of tenancy, as part of the application process a Medical Application Form must be completed by an applicant’s family doctor and submitted to St. David’s. This Medical Application Form is provided to the applicant during their on-site appointment.

Once an application is complete and an applicant is approved for tenancy, their name is added to our waiting list. They will then wait until their name comes to the top of the list before they are offered an apartment.


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A number of Residents at St. David’s have their rent subsidized through the City of Toronto and pay rent based on their income.

Application for a rent subsidy is made through Access to Housing, the unit which manages the centralized waiting list for subsidized housing in Toronto.

The Access to Housing resource center can be reached at 416-338-8888, Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

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St. David's Village

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